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The Association

The Research in Fertility Preservation and Reproduction (RFPR) association was formed in 2015 (Decree dated 15th January 2015) by Professor Michaël Grynberg. It operates in the field of human reproduction, taking action to improve infertility treatment and promote research. Its registered office is in Saint Mandé (94160).


The RFPR’s action focusses on 3 key missions, helping patients to cope as they battle with infertility.

Improving care of patients faced with infertility

Further to the resources provided by Assistance Publique, the association works with qualified healthcare professionals as they provide day-to-day care to patients, helping them overcome their stress and anxiety. In particular, support in psychology, sexology and acupuncture is offered.

Working on and assisting patients keen to preserve their fertility

The RFPR works to raise awareness and develop the field of fertility preservation. In fact, these techniques, initially proposed to cancer patients before they begin toxic treatment, are now offered in other medical situations where genetic makeup or treatment could lead to infertility.

Medical research

The RFPR’s key aim is to promote research by designing personalised treatment. It finances fundamental clinical research projects to broaden knowledge of infertility, fertility preservation and treatment personalisation.


Financed by private funds, the RFPR itself is funded by generous donations (from private individuals, companies and associations).

The RFPR’s funds are certified.

You can make a donation to the association by bank transfer:


Crédit Lyonnais

IBAN: FR33 3000 2092 4900 0007 0008 L08


The ART service

Professor Michael Grynberg is Head of the Department of Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Preservation at Antoine Béclère Hospital in Clamart. It is a hospital that is part of the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris.

The service is part of an infertility treatment center, which includes both clinical, biological and genetic teams that will take care of couples with fertility disorders. The center offers all the techniques of medical assistance to procreation for couples who cannot have children or couples who are at risk of transmitting genetic abnormalities (pre-implantation diagnosis). In addition, the department is particularly specialized in the preservation of both female and male fertility.

The Antoine Béclère Hospital Reproductive Health Center has been a pioneer in the field of infertility treatments and enjoys national and international recognition.

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